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Easter 2015- Part 2 May 29, 2015

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My children were not cooperating on Easter Sunday, so no beautiful family pics here. The Easter Bunny brought Alaina her own umbrella (a Frozen one, of course), and a soccer ball for Micah.


Easter 2015- Part 1

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The kids and I went to Michigan for Easter while Frank was on the road with baseball. We started the weekend with a trip to the local botanical gardens, dyeing eggs, and a community egg hunt. There was also lots of basketball watching and the dog-obsessed Micah got to spend lots of time chasing Lincoln.


Should OLD acquaintance be forgot… February 15, 2015

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The Caseys came to visit after they returned from their holiday trip to California and it was perfectly timed so we could celebrate Steph’s milestone birthday on New Year’s Eve!



We also went to the museum center…



and took Alaina ice skating for the first time! The first 10 minutes were rather rough (lots of crying, whining, and wanting to leave), but Elizabeth had her skating on her own by the end!






I want a hippopotamus for Christmas February 10, 2015

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For the first time ever, we made the tough decision to not make the trek back to Kansas, for a myriad of reasons. It was odd to be at home the entire winter break! We had hoped to capitalize on the few days where our universities were closed but daycare was open to get some projects done, but the flu (a great family bonding activity) and the passing of Mya Schmya dashed those plans. Luckily, Alaina was virtually a jukebox of Christmas songs (and still is!), including her new favorite song about wanting a hippo, which kept us smiling.







I was finally forced to sew stockings for the family. I had been putting it off because (1) we’re always in Kansas for Christmas, where we already have stockings, and (2) I wanted to wait until our family was at our final size. I tried to make some last year, but was unhappy with the results. I tried again this year and after a lot of searching for fabric that I liked (it’s hard to find 4 different holiday fabrics that go together and that I like!), came up with a decent product that will last us at least a few years. .



Christmas Program February 2, 2015

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One of the highlights of the holiday season is always the Christmas program at daycare. We get to see our cute kids all dressed up, and the kids get to see Santa so it’s a win-win.

Alaina impressed us with how well she remembered all the words and actions to her songs, as well as her- ahem- volume. Her teachers told her to sing loud so she would get the rest of the class to join in and she really took their instructions to heart!






Turkey Lurkey (Belated)

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(Hey, I’m only 2+¬†months late posting this stuff!)

We hosted the Caseys for Thanksgiving this year so Frank could enjoy a weekend of not traveling. The best part of the weekend was our annual decorating of gingerbread houses- one of my favorite traditions.




gingerbread house


A gloomy Halloween November 26, 2014

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We seem to always have terrible weather on Halloween and this year was no different. It was drizzling rain and quite cold (it snowed the next morning!). Luckily, Alaina had plenty of opportunities to wear her Elsa costume that week- an event at church, party at daycare, and a special storytime at the bookstore- so she was okay with only trick-or-treating a few blocks. And she still somehow got tons of candy! Since Micah’s nickname is Micah Moo, we thought it would be fitting if he was a cow this year.