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Our Mya Schmya September 21, 2006

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Mya at the lakefront

I’ve mentioned her a couple of times, but this is our kid, Mya. She’s about 1 year old and we adopted her from a Chicago shelter in April as the best bday present ever from my husband. :)

Her favorite things are playing with a squeaky toy that looks like a snail, hunting for chicken bones in the park across the street (and for some reason the south side of chicago has an endless supply of them), and playing in Lake Michigan, as you can tell from this pic.

She certainly has her moments of craziness and is living the part of an adolescent now, but we love her to death and can’t remember what the heck we did with all our time prior to adopting her. So come visit us so you can meet our little schmyasters.


One Response to “Our Mya Schmya”

  1. Erin Says:

    Such a cutie! She looks like a fish – I bet she would have a blast with Chloe. Are you sure the endless supply of chicken bones are actually from chickens? :)

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