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Mya’s on the mend March 6, 2007

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I wrote last week that our pup had to have orthopedic surgery for an ununited anconeal process. It’s now been a week since her surgery and she’s doing fairly well. She’s getting around much better than we expected, but sometimes she overdoes it which leads to more soreness the next day. We’ve had some challenging days-like when she managed to get out one of her 13 stitches while we weren’t home, likely from her scratching at it with her hindleg. Since she can basically only go outside to use the restroom, she gets cabin fever from time to time but we are trying to keep her mentally stimulated through the use of enrichment (kongs, etc.) while we’re gone and playing games with her when we’re home (she really likes the “find the treat” game). Helping her through this recovery process has been a lot like taking care of a sick one-year-old: she is clingy, whiney, and can’t tell you what hurts. She gets her stitches out on Friday and the doctor will check how everything is healing so hopefully we’ll get good news. Thanks to everyone who’s been asking about her and here’s some pics for you (Warning: there is a slightly gross picture of the bone fragment that was removed at the bottom of this post so watch out those of you who got squemish during dissections in biology class!).

Mya post-surgery

mya incision

They shaved her entire left forelimb and part of her side where she had a pain patch for four days (trying to remove that was not a fun experience!!). She has an approx. 2.5-inch incision on her left forelimb. She really wanted to lick and scratch at it the first four days (presumably it was itchy) but she has been doing better the past couple of days. When the doctor told us they had saved the anconeal process they had removed from her elbow, we were super excited. I know it may gross most people out, but we’re both interested in physiology and think things like this are cool (we can’t wait to see the BodyWorlds exhibit at MSI!). It is much bigger than we expected, especially considering how small a dog’s elbow joint is. We’ve received a few suggestions from family members as to what to do with it-have it bronzed, make it into jewelry. Any other ideas?

anconeal process