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Annual Apple Picking Trip, Part II October 11, 2007

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Here’s a few more pics from this weekend. And I’ve saved the best (e.g., most hilarious) for last…

frank anna


anna connor

Yep, that’s the face Connor gives you when you ask him to smile. Or maybe he really is becoming a boyish boy and just doesn’t like girls.

Wow, I’ve posted a lot over the past couple of weeks. So, get ready for a drought. Frank’s traveling with fball this weekend and I’m swamped with my sorority’s recruitment stuff for the next four days (did I tell you I’m the head advisor for the chapter here, now? I’m crazy, I know.)

Have a good weekend!


Annual Apple Picking Trip October 10, 2007

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For a second year in a row, we headed up to Wisconsin to pick apples, but this year we gained another sister and fam. It was ridiculously hot (89!) and a less bountiful crop than last year, but we still managed to come home with a ton of apples to make Apple Goody with. And the kiddo’s managed to keep up entertained, as always.

Elizabeth, our future vet, gave up on her campaign to get a dog and switched to goats (yeah, right!),

liz goat

Connor ate everything in sight (he is becoming such a boy-eats all the time and loves motorized vehicles),

connor apple

Gavin somehow managed to nap, despite the heat,

gav sleep

and Anna was just plain silly.

silly anna


Fun at the park October 9, 2007

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jim connor anna climbing


An afternoon at the park October 1, 2007

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“Wow, this is great weather to be at the park and playing with my frisbee.”

mya frisbee

“Hey, Dad. I betcha can’t catch me!”


“Look! I can do tricks!”


“This frisbee is tricky to catch!”


“I’m tired. I think I’ll just lay in the shade and chew on my toy for a while. And get some lovin’.”

puppy love

“This is the life. “

happy dog