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Start of a new backyard October 18, 2009

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…and the fun continues!!  With the deconstruction done, our landscape architect came in began re-grading our yard.  He was able to transplant all of our plants we already had including two trees.  As you can tell by the first pict, quite a bit of ground has been moved.  All of the mounds are going to be new beds for plants.  The second pict is from one of our bedroom windows.  Gravel has been layed down in the shape of what our patio is going to look like.  We hope to have the pavers in later this month and be done with this project!  Mya’s been banned from her backyard since the deconstruction phase of our back porch completed and is ready to have it back.  Some of her displeasure may be stemming from the noise of equipment, specifically the jackhammer, which has hindered napping.100_2829[1]100_2835[1]


One Response to “Start of a new backyard”

  1. Heather Says:

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see the final product soon!!

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