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Christmas, 2009 Edition, Part II January 23, 2010

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Christmas, 2009 Edition, Part I January 22, 2010

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Elizabeth's birthday party- roller skating!


Teaching the kiddos how to skate


Frank & Gavin

Frank made a field goal for the football-obsessed Cooper


We are not responsible for any windows broken from the use of the field goal!


Turkey Day in Chi-town January 21, 2010

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For Thanksgiving ’09, we made our first trip back to Chicago since moving away. We drove through the old neighborhood before heading to my sister’s- in many ways it felt like we had never left, but at the same time it was odd to be back there. Even Mya recognized where we were and was whining and pacing around in the car to go run around in her old haunts!

We had a fun weekend with family, including a Turkey Day trip to the Brookfield Zoo, building gingerbread houses with the kids, and going ice skating so the skating pro Elizabeth could show off all her tricks- and teach us a thing or two. But most importantly, we got to enjoy some Chicago-style pizza!! :)