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A Room of One’s Own February 19, 2010

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The best thing about buying a house is that we finally have room to spread out since we finally had rooms to fill. And that meant that I’d finally get my own craft room!

We affectionately called one of the guest bedrooms “The Poo Room” since it had a large mural that spanned two walls that included some Winnie the Pooh characters and a real bird house nailed to the wall. The room also featured some nice lace, glittery curtains that were covered with butterflies. It took a ridiculous amount of sanding to smooth down the walls and then two coats of primer over the previous sky blue color to finally have a blank slate to work with.

I had fallen in love with some cute plaid fabric I had found on clearance (I blame my mother for my love of plaid), so we color matched the green shade out of the fabric for the wall color (my sister-in-law said it’s the color of green spree candy!). Of course, I couldn’t find enough of the fabric to make the window treatments; I ended up using it to create two memo boards (similar to those found here) and the curtain tie-backs. I was trying to be as cost-effective as possible, so I borrowed another idea I had seen on a decorating blog– curtains make out of drop cloths! I think the neutral color really helps tone down the bright green.

The room still needs some finishing touches, but it’s a fun, colorful space for me to “play” in!

A very blurry "before" picture

Memo boards and my clunky "bought off of Craigslist" sewing machine.

Dropcloth curtains

Finally- someplace to store all my crafty stuff!


Snow Day: 2010 Edition February 17, 2010

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Here are some pics from our snow day last week- the university shut down since the area got about 6 inches of snow last Tuesday. We actually ended up having snow days the past two days as well due to a storm that brought us 9 more inches. We now have some snow piles in our yard that are 3 feet deep! Mya just loves it even though she can barely walk through it.