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A big year March 31, 2010

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This year is proving to be a big one for this us- our 5-year wedding anniversary is coming up in July, our 10-year dating anniversary is in August, we’ve finally gotten rid of that teal carpet (pics to come)… oh, and we’re having a baby at the end of September! While I think the news has spread to everyone (all 5 people) who read this blog, I thought I’d make it official by posting it and answering some of our most frequently asked baby-related questions….

Yes, we do plan on finding out the gender. We have to wait about 5 more weeks before we get to learn that info.

No, we have not started on the nursery, yet. We’ve got some other home improvement projects we’re working on before we can get to that project. And DIY projects are taking a little longer than usual since Frank is stuck doing all the painting by himself and he’s now in the middle of baseball season. We figure the baby won’t know whether or not the nursery is finished by the time he/she arrives, anyways, so we’re not going to stress out about it.

I am finally starting to feel better. I experienced terrible nausea during months 2 and 3 and oddly it was all in the evening- starting around 3 or 4 pm. The nausea is mostly gone, but I still have some aversion to certain foods (mainly chicken and beef), am falling asleep on the couch by 9 pm every night, and go to the ladies room a ridiculous number of times a day. At least I’m finally starting to have a baby bump to show for it!

Mya is blissfully ignorant that her world is going to completely change in a few months. We’ve started working on some things with her to hopefully make life less stressful for all of us once the baby arrives. And this is how she got to tell some of my family about our news…

We’re definitely excited about this big year for us and will keep you updated!