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28 weeks July 5, 2010

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Doesn’t it look like I just have a basketball under my shirt?

We’ve officially entered the third trimester! We’ve been busy getting things ready for the baby’s arrival- picking out a name (but you’ll have to wait until her debut to find out what it is!), deciding how to decorate the nursery, perusing garage sales for baby gear, pre-registering at the hospital. Frank hopes to start painting the baby’s room soon so we’ll get pictures up when it’s finished!


Memorial Day Weekend 2010 July 1, 2010

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We were lucky enough to have Steph and the kids come visit us over Memorial Day weekend while Jim was off at the state track meet. (Yes, it was like a month ago and I’m just now getting these pics up, but at least I got them up before the next holiday weekend!) We went hiking on a city park trail alongside some pretty waterfalls.

Luckily, the kids often stopped to look at bugs or fossils, which gave this pregnant lady time to catch her breath. Steph, Elizabeth, and Connor did the parkour trail on the way back while Frank and I supervised. :)

We also went to the Taste of Cincinnati and enjoyed some tasty treats and live music, but photography was banned because we were too hot and sweaty!

Some other highlights of the weekend: playing board games, getting a bunch of hand me down baby stuff (thank you for schlepping it down here!!), watching Connor run through the sprinkler with his clothes on, doing a puzzle with Elizabeth, and just catching up. But the highpoint of the weekend had to be seeing this random lady hula hooping in the park. :)