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A work in progress August 24, 2010

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Since January, we worked very hard to update the first floor of the house before we hosted the end of the year party for Frank’s students and colleagues. Since I found out I was pregnant back in January, I was relegated to primarily prep and clean-up work, while poor Frank had to do all the painting by himself. I’d been holding out on posting any pictures on the blog of our changes because I wanted to wait until we had decorations on the walls. Alas, it’s been a couple of months since Frank finished painting and our walls are still pretty bare; and I’d like to get these pictures up before baby madness sets in. So, I’ll be posting “before” and “after” pics of the rooms, but I certainly don’t consider the rooms “finished”. After all, creating a home, not just a house, is a work in progress, right?


One Response to “A work in progress”

  1. matt Says:

    Always a work in progress! We’ve been in since May, and while we’ve almost got everything settled in and up on the walls the bathroom still needs some serious paint love. So don’t feel bad, we’re in the same boat!

    I was wanting to post some pictures of the place as well, but then I looked around and saw dozens of thing I wanted to tweak before doing so…

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