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Before & After: Kitchen and Half Bath September 8, 2010

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Next up on the list of rooms to update were the kitchen and half bath. These rooms came with some extra challenges:

-The entire bathroom and most of the kitchen had some really snazzy multi-colored wallpaper (it was blue/green/pinkish in both rooms, but they were different patterns). Getting that stuff off without damaging the walls or our sanity proved to be tricky at times!

-Painting around kitchen cabinets, appliances, sinks, and toilets is challenging, time-consuming, and requires a lot of painters tape!

-We now knew I was pregnant so I could only help with the prep and finish work- none of the actual painting itself.

Here’s the kitchen before:

 Love the gorgeous cabinets, but not the frilly curtains. I took them down in every room of the house as soon as we got the keys to the place!

 Sadly this is the best before pic I have of the kitchen island area.

 The half bath before:


This pic is a great example of how the previous owner could not stick to one type of material within a room. The small half bath had a gold light fixture, black mirror, silver faucet, wood switch plate cover, and brass toilet paper holder. Seriously.

We picked out a neutral beige with a bit of a yellow tint to it to paint in both areas and painted the trim and chair rail white. I whipped up a curtain for the window and created some cheap art for the bathroom with pictures from a calendar. Someday, we hope to change the countertops, install new sinks, and put in a backsplash.

Kitchen after:

Half bath after:


2 Responses to “Before & After: Kitchen and Half Bath”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Oh, that looks so nice, Emily!! I even got to see the “before” shots live:) You have done such a great job with the house and I am very impressed that you can “whip” up curtains so quickly. Hope you are feeling good and that time passes quickly for you!

  2. elizabeth Says:

    i think the pictre with the bannas in it is funny

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