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Before & After: Living and Dining Rooms September 14, 2010

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The last rooms to tackle on the first floor were the dining and living rooms. You know, the ones with this fabulous carpet? (Furniture and frilly curtains in pics were previous owners)

While I was off in Kansas over spring break, Frank removed the carpet in these two rooms and the fake wood stuff in the front entryway. Then, we had laminate floors installed that imitate hardwood. The living room, entryway, and top half of the dining room were all painted the same neutral color (which is slightly different from the kitchen/bath color, but you can’t really tell from these pics). The bottom half of the dining room was painted a dark blue. Since the stain on the woodwork throughout the first floor was blotchy and poorly done and we didn’t really want to have to strip and refinish it all, it was all painted white, which gives some nice cohesiveness when moving from room to room. I made curtains for the dining room, but found it was more cost-effective to buy them for our huge living room window. Frank was especially excited to get rid of the pink and white hanging light in the dining room. Add some new furniture and some furniture swapped out from other rooms and we finally had a dining room and living room that we weren’t embarassed by! As you can see, there’s plenty of room for visitors so some see us!!






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