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BFFs November 3, 2010

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We weren’t really sure how Mya was going to react to becoming a big sister. After adopting her, we had discovered her prior owners had barely socialized her and thus, she was scared of everything- strangers, loud noises, even doors. While she’s made a lot of progress with her behavior, you still never know how they’re going to react to such a big change. We tried to prepare her as much as possible by reviewing her obedience training, getting her used to all the new baby gear (like swings that move and make music), praising her whenever she was calm around kids, etc.

It turns out that Mya is a great big sister! She was extremely attentive when we first brought Alaina home- getting up and checking on her with every noise she made. She got as little sleep as we did those first few nights since she always wanted to know what was going on. Mya isn’t quite so hypervigilant anymore, but she often comes over when Alaina is crying and licks her hands and feet to console her. And she often investigates the many smells involved in having a newborn. :) They’ve really done great together and we hope Mya continues to take everything in stride, especially once Alaina starts grabbing things and crawling!


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  1. Molly Says:

    That’s great!

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