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Alaina’s 3rd Month January 5, 2011

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Alaina’s third month was a busy one- tons of traveling and meeting people! She didn’t go to the doctor this month so we’re not sure on her weight and height other than she’s one solid baby! She fell asleep after playing on the floor the other morning, so we just decided to make it into her 3 month picture.

She is a drooling queen these days so is usually sporting a bib. She loves to eat her hands or suck on her fingers, which just adds to the slobbery madness. Her tracking of faces and voices has really improved the last couple of weeks, maybe since she was meeting so many new people. And she is enjoying tummy time more.

Third month highlights included…

-Her first party- my work holiday party.

-Her first road trip- she survived the 13+ hour trek to Kansas and back for the holidays.

-Her first Christmas! More pics of this to come in another post.

-Meeting tons of friends and family! She loved all the attention and liked to smile for her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, great-grandmothers, great aunts and uncle, and second cousins!

-Getting to enjoy some time with her Nana before she passed away on the 26th. For some reason, it was really important to me for Alaina to meet her Nana, even though she won’t be able to remember it. Perhaps because my maternal grandfather passed away the year before I was born and I always felt I had missed out. I only got a couple of good pics of Alaina and Nana since I hadn’t learned how to use our new camera yet and A is so squirmy these days, but I’m happy they at least exist- I know I will cherish them!


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