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BFFs, Part II March 29, 2011

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Why does this doggie always like to sniff me? Do I smell funny?

She looks fuzzy. I'll check. Yup, fuzzy.

How's your bracket doing? Mine's a mess.

Look- I can be ladylike, too!


Alaina’s 6th month March 28, 2011

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Yesterday, Alaina celebrated her 6th month birthday while Frank celebrated his 30th! I think it’s neat how whenever one of them is celebrating a birthday, it will be the other’s half-birthday.

Alaina is now 25.5 inches long (50th percentile) and 16 lbs 14 oz (75th percentile). Now that she’s more active, she’s starting to burn some of those calories away, but she’s still a cute chunky baby!

Highlights of month 6:

-She rolled over the other way- from her tummy to her back! She still doesn’t do it very often, but she is capable of doing it. Now that she can roll over, she has started sleeping on her stomach more and typically sleeps more soundly when she does (like her Dad).

-Her first teeth have come in! Both bottom middle teeth decided to arrive at the same time, making for a very grumpy kid for a while there. She was usually fine if she was busy playing, but was whiny otherwise and had a hard time going to sleep. Now you can see the little teeth and they’re so darn cute!

-She started eating “solid” foods. We started with infant cereal, followed by carrot, sweet potato, and pea purees, created by Chef Mom. She’s been pretty indifferent with the foods- not spitting them out, but not gulping them down. Her favorite part is trying to look into the bowl and grabbing the spoon. But she doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of peas.

-However, she is a big fan of eating her socks.

-She discovered the joy of kicking and splashing in the bathtub. We might have to start wearing ponchos at bathtime.

-She likes to pet Mya.

-She’s working on sitting up on her own. She looks so grown up when she tries!


2 Wild and Crazy Gals March 4, 2011

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While Frank’s on the road with the baseball team, I’m back in charge of walking Mya (which he has kindly taken over since Alaina was born since I’m usually busy feeding her). The first weekend, the weather was great so it worked out fine. I’d previously found that pushing a stroller and controlling a leash is a bit much on these Kentucky hills, so I typically put Alaina in a baby carrier. Last weekend, it was cold and I needed a good way to keep A warm while out and about. So here was my solution- put her in a jacket and hat, wear her in the Moby wrap, then put Frank’s winter coat on since it’s big enough I can zip it around both of us. We looked totally ridiculous, but at least it kept the little one warm! Here’s my attempt at capturing our dog walking attire…


Alaina’s 5th month March 2, 2011

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Where did the past month go?! With lots of illness running through our house, the past month just flew by.

Alaina turned 5 months old over the weekend. She seems to have had a growth spurt recently because she suddenly can’t fit into a lot of her 3-6 month clothes and is wearing a lot of 6-9 month stuff.

Here are some tidbits about her 5th month:

-She rolled over! From her back to her stomach and has become much more efficient at doing it the past week. She hasn’t shown any interest in doing it the easier way- from her stomach to her back. Surely that’s a sign that she’s a genius and likes to take on the challenging way of doing things! :)

-She (and we) survived her first illness. Her first cold and cough turned into a respiratory virus and a double ear infection. After 2 weeks, 2 types of antibiotics, and lots of sleepless nights, she finally got better. She was snuggly while she was sick, which we enjoyed, but it was heartbreaking to see her feeling so icky and pathetic (like the pic below) and not being able to do anything for her.

-She is starting to laugh more. Right now, she laughs ala Bevis and Butthead (huh, huh), which just makes me laugh even more.

-She is thoroughly obsessed with her feet.

-The only socks we can keep on her feet are Puma brand ones. All the other ones, she manages to get off by rubbing her feet together until they come off.

-This girl is LOUD! She can be really “talkative”- making “ah” noises for long periods and sometimes changing the pitch so she sounds like Tarzan. It’s usually really amusing. Except when you’re in the grocery store and people look at you weird because it sounds like your daughter is auditioning for the next Exorcist movie. Thank goodness she hasn’t started doing it in church!

-She is becoming more interested in Mya and has reached out to touch her. And Mya has reacted to this beautifully!

-She survived her first weekends alone with Mommy while Daddy travels with the baseball team.

-She continues to love shoving anything she can possibly get her hands on into her mouth.