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2 Wild and Crazy Gals March 4, 2011

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While Frank’s on the road with the baseball team, I’m back in charge of walking Mya (which he has kindly taken over since Alaina was born since I’m usually busy feeding her). The first weekend, the weather was great so it worked out fine. I’d previously found that pushing a stroller and controlling a leash is a bit much on these Kentucky hills, so I typically put Alaina in a baby carrier. Last weekend, it was cold and I needed a good way to keep A warm while out and about. So here was my solution- put her in a jacket and hat, wear her in the Moby wrap, then put Frank’s winter coat on since it’s big enough I can zip it around both of us. We looked totally ridiculous, but at least it kept the little one warm! Here’s my attempt at capturing our dog walking attire…


One Response to “2 Wild and Crazy Gals”

  1. Molly Says:

    Love it!

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