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For your consideration May 14, 2011

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I’m an avid reader who hardly has any time for leisure reading, so I always appreciate getting book recommendations from others to minimize my chances of wasting time reading a lousy book. I’ve read several great books, both fiction and non-fiction, that I’d like to recommend. (By the way, these are not formal book reviews and I didn’t receive any promotional materials. They’re just great reads that I checked out from the library.)

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot. A great non-fiction book that mixed science, history, and biography. It was featured on a bunch of “Best of 2010” lists.

One Day, by David Nicholls. A fiction book with a cool concept- it captures what’s occurring with two people every day for 2 decades, starting when they graduated from college. A movie based on it is coming out this summer.

Choosing to SEE, by Mary Beth Chapman. I grew up singing the music of her husband, Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman. In this non-fiction book, she tells her life story from meeting her husband to how their family how made it through the tragic death of their daughter in 2008. The writing isn’t going to win a Pulitzer Prize, but I found her reactions to her daughter’s death honest and inspirational. I also enjoyed finding out how certain songs by Steven were tied to certain events in their lives.

Tour de Lance, by Bill Strickland. The writing in this book can get annoying (it seems like he is trying to with a Pulitzer), but as a fan of the Tour de France, I loved getting an inside glimpse of what life’s really like for the riders during the tour and more about the personalities of these athletes whose names I know so well. Plus, this book covers the very controversial year of Lance versus Contador.

The Invisible Bridge, by Julie Orringer. I always find books and movies about WWII interesting. So many of the WWII books I’ve read have followed either Germans or Americans through the war, while this fiction book follows a Jewish Hungarian student so I enjoyed a new perspective on the time. Let me warn you- this book is dense, but if you enjoy reading about this time period, it’s worth it.

Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand. This non-fiction book tells the amazing story of Louie Zamperini, an Olympic distance runner who joined the Army Air Corp when WWII began and whose plane was shot down over the Pacific. It’s hard to believe that one man experienced and endured so much during his life. It’s unfathomable the things he went through. I would strongly suggest this one just to gain the knowledge of what our servicemen and women have endured!


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