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Alaina’s 8th Month May 31, 2011

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-Alaina started army crawling this month. She slaps her arms on the floor and then pulls her body forward, sometimes just dragging her legs behind her and sometimes pushing off with her toes. She can get around so quickly, I’m not sure she’ll even bother with crawling the typical way on her hands and knees. She always seems to find the one thing in the room you don’t want her to get into so sometimes you have to resort to containment. :)

-She can now clap, wave, and have “conversations” of taking turns saying “huh” or “ha”.

-She has a new face that she makes when she’s mad- she closes her eyes, scrunches up her nose, and juts her bottom jaw out.

-We went on a mother-daughter road trip to Chicago and enjoyed a visit from Grandpa. Separate posts on those events soon.

-A cold led to yet another ear infection. During that illness, she woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever and was having trouble breathing so after trying all the tricks in the book and calling the doctor, she got to have her first trip to the ER. They diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection. Sadly, Frank missed out on this “first” since he was out of town with the baseball team.

-Alaina started cutting out the last nap of the day, much to her mama’s chagrin. It usually leads to an extra tired baby by the end of the day and she’s fallen asleep eating dinner twice.

-She’s so full of personality now and cracks us up every day with her grunts, noises, laughs, and smiles. It’s hard to believe just a few months ago she just slept all the time!

-We survived the extremely long baseball season and are very excited to have Frank back!


2 Responses to “Alaina’s 8th Month”

  1. Heidi Says:

    What a great post! Love the pictures~esp her contained in the box and the new “mad” face! What a personality:) Glad you survived baseball season!!

  2. Alisha Says:

    I just stumbled across your email from a long time ago saying you had started a blog! I am so glad to have been reminded. I read through a lot of months of posts and feel completely caught up! I look forward to being a regular follower from now on! You have a cutie on your hands!

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