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Road trip! June 20, 2011

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Alaina and I made a road trip to Chicago last month to visit the Casey’s and attend Elizabeth’s ice show (basically the ice skating equivalent of a dance recital). Frank had hoped to make the trip, but the baseball team’s winning streak and resulting trip to the postseason meant it was just a mother-daughter trip. The trip to Chicago went great- Alaina slept most of the time. Alaina loved all the attention and entertainment from her cousins.

Elizabeth and Connor liked to help feed her, bring her toys, and sing for her.


I loved all the good food and catching up with the Caseys. And I enjoyed being back in Chicago. It reminded me of all my favorite things about the city, but also why we moved. Elizabeth was great in the ice show- she’ll be trying out for the national team in no time.

We also got to go to a mini house group reunion! 3 of the married couples from our old church were able to get together that weekend. I got to introduce Alaina to these great men and women who are still so near and dear to our hearts. One of the other couples had their third child, Eliana, just a few weeks after Alaina was born so it was fun to see them play together and compare their tricks. (Oh my gosh- look at my kid’s belly!)

It was such a great weekend and a much-needed break from being at home with A every weekend while Frank traveled with baseball. Unfortunately, the ride home didn’t go so smoothly. I had to endure 2 hours of screaming/crying so while it was a great weekend, it will be a while before I take another trip with just the two of us!


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