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Alaina’s 11th month September 6, 2011

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-Alaina doubled her number of teeth this month so she’s now up to 8!

-She’s really good at mimicking noises and sounds, which is especially amusing to her father. She finally started making some “mmm” sounds, but she still isn’t saying “mama”.

-She gives hugs now and it’s the sweetest thing ever. It makes me forgive her for still not saying mama, at least for the brief duration of the hug. :)

-She’s using the sign for more all the time now. We’re working on teaching her some other signs, including the signs for eat and thank you.

-Alaina had surgery to have tubes put in her ears. She had a hard time coming out of anesthesia and had a strange “freaked out” cry we’d never heard before. Other than that, she did really well. She’s even had a runny nose and it didn’t turn into an ear infection, which typically wasn’t the case pre-surgery. The only downside to having the tubes is having to put cotton balls in her ears at bathtime.

-She’s cruising all over the furniture and loves to walk- as long as there’s something to hold on to!

-She’s outgrowing her 12 month clothes and starting to wear 18 month items.

-Some of her favorite things right now are looking at the pictures on the fridge and reading books, especially the Elmo book “So Big!”.


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