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Tear Da Roof Off September 22, 2011

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While Frank and I have a general idea of what projects we’d like to complete on our house and in what order, these projects tend to select their own timeline.

Last November, we were about to sit down to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with the Caseys on a bleary, rainy day when a leak in the roof (that we thought we had previously fixed) sprung. After a winter of lots of snow and the rainiest spring on record, the clouds finally cleared long enough this summer for us to get a new roof. (To jog your memory, here’s what the house used to look like) We decided to get new gutters with fancy leaf guards while we were at it. It’s been so nice to not worry about it raining in the living room every time it rains now.

With the old teal-colored gutters out the way, Frank painted the trim and shutters on the house a lovely green. And when the doorknob and lock on the front door broke, we took it as a sign to get a purdy new front door installed (Frank even managed to sell the old one on Craigslist!).

We’ve also been gradually working on updating all the landscaping around the house. I’d love to just take a bobcat in and tear out everything in the front and side yards and start from scratch, but our wallets won’t allow that. In the side yard along the garage, we tore out some floppy sage and my wildflower experiment that just wasn’t working anymore (probably because I’m too busy and lazy to keep it from being overgrown by weeds!). When our landscape consultant (i.e. my dad) was in town in June, we picked out some boxwoods and rhododendrons for that space. I’m looking forward to seeing them bloom in the spring!

So that was all we had planned for the summer. But like I stated earlier, projects around here seem to have their own timelines. I’ll save the rest of that story for another post…


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