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Alaina’s 12th Month October 8, 2011

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Alaina turned 1 last week! This past year has gone by so quickly, but it also feels like she been a part of our family forever. We feel so blessed we get to be her parents!

-She now weighs 21.5 pounds (53rd percentile) and is 29.5 inches tall (64th percentile).

-She’s walking! About three weeks before her birthday, she took her first tentative steps with much luring by us. Now she’s walking all over the place, although sometimes she’ll switch back to crawling since she’s more efficient at it.

-She has completely switched from bottles to sippy cups, formula to milk, and purees to table food. She’s being transitioned to the 1-year-old room at day care so she’s also trying to get used to only taking one nap (which means she’s tired and cranky by the time we pick her up) and playing outside.

-One of her teachers at daycare told me “usually by the time a kid is turning one, we’re ready for them to move up to the next room. But we’re all sad Alaina is turning one- we don’t want her to leave.” I was so proud!

-She can sign and kind of say “all done”. She can also say “uh-oh”, “dog”, and some animal noises (quack, moo, roar).

-She’s discovered the joy of dropping things on purpose, especially from her high chair and changing table, and climbing up stairs.

-On her actual birthday, Alaina got to enjoy some decorations around the house…

….and a few presents to tide her over until her party.

Happy 1st Birthday, Alaina! We love you!!


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