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November 8, 2011

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This is Alaina’s new face that she likes to make. We call it her “surprise face” and make gasping/shocked noises whenever she does it. But she really looks like she forgot to put her dentures back in and it cracks us up every time.

She’s finally saying “mamamama”! I’m so excited, except she’s usually saying it while whining.

This weekend, she suddenly entered a phase where she wants to be held all the time and throws a fit (i.e. cries out and lays on the floor) if we try to put her down. Where did my sweet baby go? Who is this new whiny, demanding kid?

She’s discovering all sorts of new things now that she’s getting taller and can reach things, like the joy of pulling out toilet paper. And she really likes to climb now so the stairs are always gated and she’ll climb up on the fireplace any chance she gets.

Good thing she’s cute and makes funny faces to get us through the frustrations of parenthood! (And check out that belly!!)


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  1. Heidi Thomas Says:

    I love it! E’s face is exactly like that and it cracks us up (and her, too!) every time:) Love the belly! She sounds like such a busy little thing. E just started trying to climb the stairs so I think our climbing phase is coming, too. Why do these sweet babies have to change so darn fast?!

    p.s. your mouse contraptions are working (I think!) because we haven’t seen hide nor hair of Morton and Co. since we’ve been using them fulltime. Yea!

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