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Alaina’s 15-month-ish update January 23, 2012

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I’m obviously terribly behind on blogging. Life has just been…life. So, please ignore the fact that Alaina is mere days from turning 16 months and I’m just now posting her 15-month update.

Alaina is changing so much these days- it’s so exciting to watch! At her 15-month checkup, she was 30.5 inches long (46th percentile) and 22 lbs 14 oz (27th percentile), so she’s an averaged sized kid (which I was surprised at since she’s still sporting quite the baby belly). Here are some other newish things about her

-She’s quite the chatterbox and can say a lot of words now. They include: apple, socks, Jayhawk (jay-jah), doggie, that (dat), more, duck, watch, hi, help (elp), up, hat, and Santa. An eclectic list! She’s constantly pointing at things and asking us to name them by saying “dat”.

-She loves to climb! Unfortunately, it gets her into trouble. This weekend, she had climbed on top of the ottoman to then climb on top of the end table, which is where I discovered her. She has a special mischevious grin that she saves for moments like this. :)

-Alaina is definitely testing boundaries and learning how to deal with frustrations in acceptable ways, i.e. not hitting.

-She’s had one ear infection since her surgery. After reading some research suggesting a link between pacifier use and a higher incidence of ear infections, we broke her of her pacifier habit last weekend so we’re hoping she will be infection-free.

-She now has 12 teeth since all 4 of her first-year molars have come through.

-She still loves to read books and anything that plays music.

-Alaina is now more interested in playing with stuffed animals and giving them hugs. And now if she wants to give you a kiss, she sticks her bottom lip and goes “mmm”. It’s ridiculously cute.

-After a few rough weeks of transition, she loves her new class at daycare and has won over all her teachers. She makes a craft almost every day so our fridge is covered in Alaina’s artwork. They do a good job of keeping the kids busy, so she’s worn out by the end of the day and we can barely keep her awake through dinner.