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Sleeping Beauty April 27, 2012

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Some days Alaina struggles to make it to nap time before falling asleep, especially if she’s in her car seat. One Sunday, she fell asleep on the way home from church. I woke her up while getting her out of the car. When we got inside the house, I took off her coat and set her down on the couch so I could take off my coat. She was already fast asleep in the 12 seconds that took. She was so darn cute I had to snap some pictures before I woke her up for lunch!









A’s 18-month Update April 18, 2012

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Alaina is now a year and a half old! She is full of personality and always keeps us on our toes! Here’s what’s new with our little monkey:

-At her recent check-up, she was 31.5 inches long (42nd percentile) and 24.8 pounds (52nd percentile). Unfortunately, her ear tubes have already fallen out so we have to wait and see if she’ll need another set.

-Her vocabularly continues to grow and she can now name and point at parts of her body (ear, eye, hair, clavicle….it’s what happens when your dad is an anatomy/physiology nerd). She has started calling us Daddy and Mommy and putting forming basic sentences, like “Buh-bye, Daddy”.









-She loves to play outside now that the weather is nice and is enjoying some new outdoor toys, especially her slide and toy car.

-Alaina enjoys coloring and we are grateful for the magic of color wonder markers, or else our furniture would be very colorful by now!









-She is still working on using a fork and spoon, but she’s slowly getting more proficient with them.

-She loves having us sing songs that have actions that she can do (Wheels on the bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, etc.). As soon as you finish one song, she’ll start signing and asking for more.









-She loves playing with shoes. She takes our shoes on and off the boot tray and recently started trying on our shoes, which she finds hilarious.

-Alaina has become more and more interested with dogs in general and Mya in particular. She looks for “Muh-my” as soon as we get home, brings her toys, pets her, and gives her hugs.


Beautiful Bathroom April 13, 2012

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In this post, I alluded to another home improvement project determining its own timeline for us. Well, way back in July, I was giving Alaina a bath in the guest bathroom. When I went to let the water drain out of the bath, the lever broke off in my hand! We knew that updating the bathrooms was going to be our next big project- they’re terribly outdated with 80’s style multi-colored wallpaper, linoleum floors, and awesome gold-flecked tile- but we weren’t expecting to start on it so soon. We kind of looked at each other and said, “Well, I guess we’re renovating the bathroom”.

 A few days later, Frank commenced the demolition phase. Frank ended up having to take the walls down to the studs in the bathtub area due to some water damage he discovered.

And while removing the flooring, he discovered another layer of linoleum below it. Then, the rebuilding began- and all of the decision-making! Frank learned a lot on this project- installing subflooring, insulation, tiling, plumbing…the list goes on and on.

He did an amazing job with a little help from some library books and YouTube videos. I learned that we should have completed more of these big projects before we had kids! Frank had to do most of the work by himself since I was on “baby duty”. I tried to help when Alaina was napping or down for the night, but I honestly didn’t do much. I know I was frustrated because I wanted to be helping more and Frank was frustrated that he was on his own most of the time. Hopefully, he forgets that part before we start renovating the master bath. :)


Book Review: Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo April 8, 2012

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Last summer, I had two co-workers tell me that there was a book that I simply had to read. Then we went to Colorado and Frank’s grandparents couldn’t stop talking about the same book. When I had the opportunity a few months ago to receive a complimentary copy of that same book through BookSneeze, I took it as a sign- this was a book I had to read!

In Heaven is For Real, Todd Burpo recounts when his young son, Colton, had a life-threatening medical situation. Months later, Colton began speaking of the time he spent in Heaven during his medical emergency. Colton spoke of and knew details about deceased family members that he had never met and never knew of. His descriptions of heaven were also consistent with scripture- even though he was too young to know those passages. Colton’s experiences are really amazing to read, and both brought tears to my eyes and gave me goosebumps. The writing is simple and easy to read, making it a book you can easily read in an evening. I highly recommend this book, especially to those who have lost a loved one.


Gettin’ Ready April 2, 2012

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Alaina loves to go places. If I try to have a nice relaxing morning at home on Saturdays, she’ll get frustrated and start bringing me her shoes, coat, and hat. She’ll even bring us our shoes and jackets! When she’s been battling illness the past few months, she’s gotten as stir crazy as we have and has tried to entice us to go somewhere. She’ll also take any toy or bag that has a strap, put it over her forearm like a purse, and say “buh-bye”. Here are some funny pics from when it was actually cold out and she needed her cute winter gear.