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Book Review: Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo April 8, 2012

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Last summer, I had two co-workers tell me that there was a book that I simply had to read. Then we went to Colorado and Frank’s grandparents couldn’t stop talking about the same book. When I had the opportunity a few months ago to receive a complimentary copy of that same book through BookSneeze, I took it as a sign- this was a book I had to read!

In Heaven is For Real, Todd Burpo recounts when his young son, Colton, had a life-threatening medical situation. Months later, Colton began speaking of the time he spent in Heaven during his medical emergency. Colton spoke of and knew details about deceased family members that he had never met and never knew of. His descriptions of heaven were also consistent with scripture- even though he was too young to know those passages. Colton’s experiences are really amazing to read, and both brought tears to my eyes and gave me goosebumps. The writing is simple and easy to read, making it a book you can easily read in an evening. I highly recommend this book, especially to those who have lost a loved one.


One Response to “Book Review: Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo”

  1. Heidi Thomas Says:

    I pretty sure this is the book my mom recommended to me to read! Guess I’d better read it now:)

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