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Beautiful Bathroom April 13, 2012

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In this post, I alluded to another home improvement project determining its own timeline for us. Well, way back in July, I was giving Alaina a bath in the guest bathroom. When I went to let the water drain out of the bath, the lever broke off in my hand! We knew that updating the bathrooms was going to be our next big project- they’re terribly outdated with 80’s style multi-colored wallpaper, linoleum floors, and awesome gold-flecked tile- but we weren’t expecting to start on it so soon. We kind of looked at each other and said, “Well, I guess we’re renovating the bathroom”.

 A few days later, Frank commenced the demolition phase. Frank ended up having to take the walls down to the studs in the bathtub area due to some water damage he discovered.

And while removing the flooring, he discovered another layer of linoleum below it. Then, the rebuilding began- and all of the decision-making! Frank learned a lot on this project- installing subflooring, insulation, tiling, plumbing…the list goes on and on.

He did an amazing job with a little help from some library books and YouTube videos. I learned that we should have completed more of these big projects before we had kids! Frank had to do most of the work by himself since I was on “baby duty”. I tried to help when Alaina was napping or down for the night, but I honestly didn’t do much. I know I was frustrated because I wanted to be helping more and Frank was frustrated that he was on his own most of the time. Hopefully, he forgets that part before we start renovating the master bath. :)


One Response to “Beautiful Bathroom”

  1. Heidi Thomas Says:

    That looks SO nice! You did a great job! Maybe Alaina can “help” next time…:)

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