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A’s 18-month Update April 18, 2012

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Alaina is now a year and a half old! She is full of personality and always keeps us on our toes! Here’s what’s new with our little monkey:

-At her recent check-up, she was 31.5 inches long (42nd percentile) and 24.8 pounds (52nd percentile). Unfortunately, her ear tubes have already fallen out so we have to wait and see if she’ll need another set.

-Her vocabularly continues to grow and she can now name and point at parts of her body (ear, eye, hair, clavicle….it’s what happens when your dad is an anatomy/physiology nerd). She has started calling us Daddy and Mommy and putting forming basic sentences, like “Buh-bye, Daddy”.









-She loves to play outside now that the weather is nice and is enjoying some new outdoor toys, especially her slide and toy car.

-Alaina enjoys coloring and we are grateful for the magic of color wonder markers, or else our furniture would be very colorful by now!









-She is still working on using a fork and spoon, but she’s slowly getting more proficient with them.

-She loves having us sing songs that have actions that she can do (Wheels on the bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, etc.). As soon as you finish one song, she’ll start signing and asking for more.









-She loves playing with shoes. She takes our shoes on and off the boot tray and recently started trying on our shoes, which she finds hilarious.

-Alaina has become more and more interested with dogs in general and Mya in particular. She looks for “Muh-my” as soon as we get home, brings her toys, pets her, and gives her hugs.


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