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Two to Tampa May 11, 2012

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In February, we braved another mother-daughter trip; this time, we headed south to Tampa to visit my sister Heather and her family. We hadn’t been able to travel there since they moved to Florida a couple of years ago so it was nice to finally see their house and explore the area they live in. Alaina loved playing with her cousins, Anna and Gavin, and helping cousin Owen improve his newly-acquired walking skills. We also played at the park, went to the Children’s Museum, and got to see manatees and sting rays near an area power plant (apparently, the warmer water in the inlet attracts the manatees so they’ve made it into a little conservation area). It was a great mini-vacation for us and hopefully we can go again soon, with Frank in tow. (Thanks, Heather, for sharing your pics so I didn’t have to schlep my camera!)

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