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Al & Mall July 3, 2012

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Who knew that while going yard sale-ing last summer, we would also find a best friend for Alaina? Last July, we went to a sale in our subdivision and met a woman around our age who had a daughter that was born just a few weeks before our little one (plus a son that’s three years older). So, we did what any good parent would do- we set up a play date! Alaina and Mallory have been best friends ever since and our families have really enjoyed spending time with each other over the past year. We can get advice from them since they’ve been through all this with their son, but they’re also dealing with the same issues as us with our daughters (teething, illness, etc.).

Angie took a bunch of pics of the girls together when we recently had them over for dinner. Al and Mall play together more than most kids their age; they do actually interact, not just parallel play. It’s always fun and interesting to compare them developmentally- Mallory is more coordinated in physical terms (walking, getting on and off furniture, climbing, etc.), but Alaina is more advanced verbally (number of words she knows, stringing them together to make sentences, etc.). I’m so glad Alaina has a neighborhood buddy and we gained some new friends, too. You never know what you’re going to find at a yard sale!


One Response to “Al & Mall”

  1. Heidi Thomas Says:

    That is too cute!!! I wish Eliana had a good buddy like like!

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