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1 going on 7 August 2, 2012

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Alaina has grown up so much over the past few months, it’s hard for us to keep track of all the changes! Here are some of the recent highlights:

-Alaina talks all the time now and can form 3-5 word sentences. She has even picked up on some of our dog commands so you’ll occassionally hear her say things like “Mommy! Hey! Come!”.

-She loves to sing and will make up her own songs from time to time. She doesn’t get all of the words right, but it’s darn cute.

-Our neighbors passed down their old kiddie pool to us and Alaina loves to play in the water!

-For a week last month, she called me “mom” instead of “mommy”. I have no idea why. But it seemed too grown up to be coming out of such a little one so I’m glad she switched back.

-Some of her favorite activities are coloring, picking tomatoes from the garden with daddy, blowing bubbles, and taking Mya on walks.

-Alaina definitely wants to be more independent and has become very opinionated on things, like what books to read at bedtime and what she wants to eat.


-She is totally obsessed with Sesame Street. It started with getting her some books from the dollar section at Target for our trip to Michigan. She quickly learned the names of all the characters. Then with each of us traveling last month to conferences, there were a few times when Frank or I were parenting solo and needed to keep her occupied while we fixed dinner so we let her watch some episodes. Now, she a full-on addict and asks multiple times daily to watch Sesame Street by looking at you with the biggest puppy dog eyes and sweetly asking, “Ernie? Oscar? Bert? Big Bird? Elmo? Grover?”

-We ended up switching her to a new daycare a few months ago due to ongoing issues we were experiencing with the administration at her former one. It took some time, but Alaina has adjusted well to the new routine and people. They recently switched her to the 2-year-old room 2 months early since she fits in with the older kids better and has shown some interest in potty training. We’re so appreciative that they’re looking out for Alaina and making sure she’s in the right spot for her.

-She’s getting pretty good at identifying shapes, saying the alphabet, and counting to 10, but learning colors is proving a little more difficult (everything is yellow to her at this point). Luckily, she’s a pro at what really matters- identifying animals and knowing what noises they make!

-Alaina loves to scare people (and Mya); she’ll roar or yell boo at you with hands in a menacing pose and loves to see what reaction she gets out of us. Again, I have no idea how she comes up with this stuff. But, of course, we encourage her by having very dramatic reactions because it’s just too darn cute.

-It’s hard to believe she’s less than 2 months from turning 2!


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