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A’s 2-Year Update October 25, 2012

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This beautiful girl is now 2! Here’s an update on what she’s up to these days…

-Alaina definitely likes being independent and doing things on her own (which is both awesome and frustrating!).

-At her recent doctor’s appointment, she weighed 27 lbs 2 oz (57th percentile) and was 33.5 inches tall (40th percentile).

-She talks in full sentences and sometimes strings several together.

-This girl LOVES to sing! Most days, she wakes up singing. Throughout the day, she’ll randomly burst into “Wheels on the Bus”, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or a dozen other options. Just this past week she has started to sing along to music in the car.

-She can correctly identify all her immediate family members by picture.

-Alaina can count to 20 and list the days of the week and the months of the year. She can also count to 10 en espanol and spell “boo”! She’s really improved at identifying colors and shapes over the last few weeks.

-Her current favorite foods are muffins and waffles. She’s also obsessed with BBQ sauce, a trait she inherited from her daddy.

-She’s obsessed with zippers, Micky Mouse Clubhouse, and Sesame Street.

-She’s inquisitive and is constantly asking “What doin’?”

-She can be kind of bossy and has been known to put other kids in timeout at daycare.

-Alaina can’t quite pronounce her own name; she calls herself “Nina”.

It’s been a wild 2 years, Alaina, but we love you so much and love being your parents!


It’s not official until there’s ice cream October 21, 2012

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On Alaina’s actual birthday, we enjoyed dinner at home and made her status as a 2-year-old official with some black rasberry chip ice cream.

After Skyping briefly with her Papa and Great-Grandma Betty, she tore into all her presents and her level of excitement increased with each one.

Mya, on the other hand, wasn’t quite as thrilled.


A Celebration…with Muppets October 13, 2012

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Our baby girl just turned 2! We had a BBQ to celebrate her big day the weekend before her birthday and decided to make it a Sesame Street-themed celebration. It was so fun to bring her downstairs after her nap and see the excitement grow and grow with each additional Muppet picture she saw.

Alaina loved all of the attention, especially when we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her.

We had been reading library books about birthdays all week so she knew exactly what to do with those candles.

Mmmm…. birthday cupcakes…

The kids enjoyed playing outside and playing the “throw the trash in Oscar’s trash can” game. The adults enjoyed the BBQ and watching the kids run around on their sugar highs.


Chi-town Reunion October 12, 2012

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We were part of this amazing small group at our church back in Chicago. We were all young, married couples, from various parts of the Midwest. They became our family away from home and are still some of my favorite people on earth. So, when Labor Day rolled around, we took advantage of the 3-day weekend to go visit the 2 couples that still live in Chi-town.

The Thomas family were our gracious hosts in their townhouse out in the ‘burbs. Their youngest is about a month younger than Alaina so it was fun to watch them interact. We visited the Brookfield Zoo on Saturday, which I hadn’t been to in over 10 years.

Alaina loved it, but the lack of good sleep from the night before (since most of her Friday night sleep was in the car) caught up with her.

On Sunday, we toured our old neighborhood, watched our friend who recently finished seminary preach, and met up with her and her husband for some deep dish for lunch. The craziness of keeping 4 kids entertained and catching up with everyone made me so distracted that I forgot to take any pictures of all of us together. :(

After naps, we enjoyed some time at the park.

It was such a great weekend trip. It was very restorative to get to catch up with friends, watch our kids play together, and to have other people cook delicious food for us. Thank you again, Thomas family, for letting us stay with you!