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From the mouths of babes… November 14, 2012

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One of the benefits of daycare is that Alaina is learning a ton! I never would have thought to already teach her the days of the week or the months of the year. Alaina is like a little sponge and quickly picks up on the many things she overhears other people say, whether they intended for her to mimic them or not. Here are a few things she’s taken to saying lately, thanks to daycare.

“Oh my goodness!”


“Stop it right now. Not nice.”

“A stamp?” (while pretending to stamp our hands, like they do at daycare to reward good behavior)

“Look at the picture” (while holding up a book she’s reading to us, like a teacher would)

“That’s silly”

“You’re crazy”



2 Responses to “From the mouths of babes…”

  1. Grandma Doris Says:

    Our ‘baby’ is becoming quite the fine young lady! Looking forward to seeing all of you next month. Love, Grandma Doris

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