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Into the Wild Blue Yonder April 9, 2013

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I didn’t plan on taking a break from posting updates on the blog-it just happened. So, I’ll try to catch up this week.

Way back in January, the Caseys came to visit over the MLK holiday weekend. We met them in Dayton to check out the National Museum of the US Air Force that’s located near the base there.
Air Force Museum Dayton
It has four huge airplane hangers full of planes, memorabilia, etc spanning from the early days of flight and the Wright Brothers to space travel; a lot of it was dedicated to the various wars that the Air Force has been involved in. We could have spent days in there if we wanted to read every sign and we didn’t even make it to the hanger that has a former Air Force One in it. It was a fascinating place and best of all, it’s free!


Some other highlights from the weekend included having a dance-off with the XBox, enjoying the sunny weather with a hike, and watching Alaina convince her cousins to get into their dog’s crate (for some reason they listen to her!). :)




liz in cage


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