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Expansion Project April 13, 2013

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My favorite part of the Easter weekend was finally getting to tell our relatives that our family is expanding! In mid-October, Alaina will have a new brother or sister.
I broke the news to the Caseys while posing for Easter pictures. For one picture, I said “Say cheese.” On the next one, I said “say Emily’s pregnant”. I was hoping to get some funny facial expressions but these people are too good at posing for pictures. This is all I got:

My dad was visiting the Woelks in Florida that week so when we skyped with them that afternoon, I just had Alaina show off her new shirt.

I hadn’t even told Alaina about her promotion from only child to big sister until that day because I was afraid she’d spill the beans. Now if you ask her where mommy’s baby is, she’ll say “in mommy’s belly” so she gets that concept but that’s about it. She LOVES babies and always points them out when we see them. Let’s just hope she still loves it when one permanently moves in to our house!


One Response to “Expansion Project”

  1. Heidi Thomas Says:

    we are SOOOO excited for you guys! Alaina will be an awesome big sister, we’re sure! Lots of love from The Thomas Crew!

    p.s. I think that was a pretty cute way to share your pregnancy!

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