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Big Kid Room September 3, 2013

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In preparation for the impending arrival of kid #2, my old craft room (for a reminder, see this post) has become Alaina’s big girl room. The green walls still worked for a little girl, so only had to make a few purchases. I was trying to avoid too girly of a room, but the only black-out curtains I could find that worked with the rest of the color scheme were pink. We picked up this cubical-style bookcase to store her ever-growing collection of books and her dress-up clothes. We kept the memo boards I previously made, and also added a framed cross-stitch project that was my very first “big” cross-stich project that I started when I was in third grade. It shows a boy praying at his bedside and has the prayer “Now I lay me down to sleep…” on it (which we now say with Alaina every night- it’s so sweet!).
At Christmas, we hauled back some furniture from home, which we’ve immediately put to use. Here’s my dresser and knick-knack shelf from my old bedroom…
And these bunk beds were at my nana’s house (the ladder is hidden away since Alaina loves climbing up to the top bunk). For now, the top bunk is decorated with a quilt from nana’s house until I find something that matches the room’s color scheme.
And the bottom bunk is decorated with this beautiful quilt that my mom helped sew with a group a women way way back in the day. Isn’t it perfect for a little girl’s room?
Here’s a cabinet that Frank made in high school that we’re using for storage….
…and a rocking chair that was Nana T.’s and her sister’s when they were little.
Nana already had it stripped for us, so Frank just had to stain it and I upholstered the seat with the same plaid fabric I used for the memo board and curtain tiebacks.
Alaina loves showing off her big girl room so come visit her!


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  1. Molly Says:

    I love it! The shelf made me smile :)

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