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Apple Pickin’ October 5, 2013

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To conclude A’s birthday weekend, we visited the apple orchard with our good friends Mallory, Ian, Angie and Jeff. It felt a little weird to be surrounded by “fall” things- pumpkins, scarecrows, etc.- when it was still 80 degrees out, but we still had a great time.

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Alaina’s 3-year update

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Our baby girl is 3! It’s hard to believe. Here are some tidbits about our spunky toddler…

-At her check-up, she was 3 feet, 1 inch tall (49th percentile) and 31 lbs (62nd percentile).

-In August, she moved up to the 3-year-old room at daycare and is enjoying learning new things, but still misses her old teachers.

-She loves to sing and is constantly making up new words to tunes she knows. Last weekend, she did it for 30 straight minutes- it was hilarious!

-I’ve been teaching her all of the songs we sing as grace before dinner. Her favorite is “Johnny Appleseed” and would insist that we sing it every night, until we recently instituted a rule that we rotate who gets to pick which song we sing.


-She typically gets to watch one episode of a TV show while I make dinner on weeknights. Her favorite shows are Little Einsteins and Dora, but will sometimes watch Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

-She’s pretty articulate for a 3-year-old (althought we may be biased) and will use fancy words like “spectacular”.

-She can count to 50 with minimal mistakes!

-We’re working on teaching her how to get dressed and undressed by herself.


-Alaina loves to play with friends and still prefers playing with someone else over playing by herself.

-Her imagination is really coming out these days, which is so fun to watch. She often takes themes from a TV show she watched and has us act it out, such as Alaina pretending she is Doc McStuffins and we’re her sick patients.

-She can be very particular at times and will scold us if we don’t do things the way she thinks they should done. For instance, she’ll say “no, YOU say….” because wants us to say something specific so she can respond in a certain way.


-She still seems excited about becoming a big sister. It’s strange to think that this may be our last picture as a family of 3!


Birthday Weekend October 4, 2013

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Alaina turned 3 last week! On her actual birthday, she took treats to share with her class at daycare (she talked about those Dora fruit snacks all week!). Then, we had an elegant meal of grilled cheese at home before enjoying cake and presents.



She didn’t waste any time before enjoying all of her new things.



The next day, we continued the celebration by taking Alaina and her BFF Mallory to play Glow Golf, eat lunch at a restaurant, and then to our church’s fall festival where they played carnival games and won a bunch of prizes.