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Micah’s 6th month April 27, 2014

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6 months

Micah is 6 months old! At his check-up last week, he was up to 16 lbs 7 oz (26th percentile) and 26 inches long (19th percentile). He was given a clean bill of health. We’re still battling cradle cap with him, but he’ll outgrow it eventually.

first solids

-Micah just started solid foods. He’s still working on his tongue coordination so maybe a teaspoon of food actually makes it to his stomach, but Alaina is amused watching him make a mess.

standing up

-While he’s now able to sit up on his own for short periods of time, he really prefers to stand up as much as possible- even when he’s not supposed to. :)

tummy time

-Micah is now old enough to attend Alaina’s daycare, which makes dropping off and picking up the kids a lot easier. He of course picked up a cold by the end of his first week since he was being exposed to new germs. At first, he was only taking cat naps at daycare; he seems to finally be getting used to the new environment and started taking longer naps.

-He went to his first baseball game this month. When it went into extra innings, he gave up and zonked out in the baby carrier.

tummy time smile

-He is generally a happy baby and melts our hearts with that grin of his. He’s become more vocal lately and squeals at his big sister’s antics.

Happy Half-Birthday, Micah!


Micah’s 5th month April 12, 2014

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5 month

-During his 5th month, Micah improved on his rolling skills, but still doesn’t like tummy time and prefers to just lay there and cry, rather than rolling from his stomach to his back on his own.

-He discovered his feet this month….and how to get them to his mouth.


-He also learned how to blow raspberries. While cute and funny, a very damp trick.


-With the start of baseball season, we had to figure out how to survive without Daddy, but tried to skype with him when possible.

-Micah continued to make us smile and laugh each day with his funny faces and silly noises.



Micah’s 4th month

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4 month

-At 4 months, Micah weighed 15 lbs 5 oz (42nd percentile).
-He could reach out and grab toys…and his sister’s hair.


-He survived his first illness- bronchiolitis. It sounded like he was purring for weeks due to the congestion in his chest.

-Micah surprised us by figuring out how to roll over from his back to his stomach a few days before he turned 4-months-old. We were even more surprised when he went the other way- stomach to back- the very next day.



Micah’s 3rd month April 11, 2014

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Micah’s 3rd month was another busy one with lots of highlights:
-His first trip to Kansas (and pit stops in Kentucky, Indiana, and Missouri).
-Meeting tons of relatives- aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma, greatgrandmothers, great aunts and uncles, and second cousins. They all agreed with us- he’s a keeper. :)
-His first Christmas.


-Starting in-home daycare. I returned to work in January, but Micah couldn’t start attending Alaina’s daycare until he turned 6-months-old. Our friend, Angie (Mallory’s mom), generously agreed to watch Micah during this interim period.
-Becoming ticklish. :)



Christmas Caroling

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Here are some pics from Alaina’s Christmas program. It was great to finally watch the concert since we had been hearing her sing the songs for at least 3 months leading up to the program!




In December, I helped Alaina write a letter to Santa, in which she asked for a “Doc McStuffins” (from Disney Junior) for Christmas. After the program at daycare, there’s a small reception where you can chat with other families, eat cookies, and take pictures with Santa. Santa gives each child a small gift, like a coloring book or stickers. When Alaina opened up her gift, she got really upset. After several minutes of bawling, we finally got her to stop crying long enough to tell us why she was upset- it was because it wasn’t her Doc McStuffins and that was what she had asked for! We had to explain to her that this was just a little present and Santa was still bringing her other gifts on Christmas. It was so heartbreaking to see her so upset- that girl really has a tender heart. We’re really going to have to help her make reasonable lists for Santa in the future to ensure he can get her something she’s wishing for so we can avoid such heartache!



A Holly Jolly Christmas

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Ah, the annual trek back to Kansas for Christmas- how we love and loathe thee. This road trip was certainly interesting with two kids. Frank ended up driving the whole time, including half a day through an ice storm, while I was in charge of entertainment and food provisions while wedged between two car seats in the back. Once we finally made it there, we got to show off Micah to tons of friends and family and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. We keep asking for a private jet from Santa so this trip will be easier, but for some reason, it’s never under the tree on Christmas morning. :)

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Turkey Lurkey

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The Casey clan came down from Michigan to celebrate Thanksgiving with us and Grandpa, who was still visiting. Along with lots of eating and playing, we made gingerbread houses, visited the ginormous international grocery store in Cincinnati, and put up Christmas decorations. Frank and the Caseys also ran a 5k on Thanksgiving morning, something that’s becoming a bit of a tradition on this holiday.