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Micah’s 2nd month April 10, 2014

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2 month

Micah had a busy 2nd month, filled with celebrations and more family. He was up to 13 lbs 8 oz at his 2-month appointment (strangely, the exact same as Alaina at that age), which put him in the 77th percentile.
His 2nd month included:
-Having to start taking medicine for reflux.
-Starting to sleep for longer periods at night at 7 weeks- woo hoo!


-Being kissed and hugged hundreds of times by his loving big sister.


-Meeting Grandpa and discovering that the best place in the world for naps is on Grandpa’s chest.


-Micah’s baptism. Now Grandpa can brag he was present at the baptisms of all 7 of his grandkids!



-His second holiday- Thanksgiving

turkey day


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