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Micah’s First Month April 10, 2014

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1 month

-By the end of his first month, Micah was up to 11 lbs 10 oz, putting him in the 88th percentile for weight. He was 21.75 inches long so was in the 59th percentile for length.

-He was pretty good at holding up his head from the get go, but he wasn’t a fan of tummy time.

-He slept through his first holiday- Halloween.

-After meeting Aunt Stephanie and cousins Elizabeth and Connor Micah’s first weekend, Aunt Heather came to visit for a week. She gave him lots of love and got him to sleep with her magic rock/bounce method.

-We discovered that Micah was a perfectly content baby…as long as you held him. And Daddy found that, much like his sister, Micah could be lulled to sleep by going up and down the stairs. It was our main form of exercise those first few months!

-He went to his first athletics event- a volleyball game.

-All of us were “sprayed” at least once during diaper changes that first month!

-He started to develop his social smile.

It was a busy first month figuring out our new normal of life with two kids and I was experiencing a rough recovery from delivery, but we were excited to get to know our handsome boy more and more each day!


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