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Christmas Caroling April 11, 2014

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Here are some pics from Alaina’s Christmas program. It was great to finally watch the concert since we had been hearing her sing the songs for at least 3 months leading up to the program!




In December, I helped Alaina write a letter to Santa, in which she asked for a “Doc McStuffins” (from Disney Junior) for Christmas. After the program at daycare, there’s a small reception where you can chat with other families, eat cookies, and take pictures with Santa. Santa gives each child a small gift, like a coloring book or stickers. When Alaina opened up her gift, she got really upset. After several minutes of bawling, we finally got her to stop crying long enough to tell us why she was upset- it was because it wasn’t her Doc McStuffins and that was what she had asked for! We had to explain to her that this was just a little present and Santa was still bringing her other gifts on Christmas. It was so heartbreaking to see her so upset- that girl really has a tender heart. We’re really going to have to help her make reasonable lists for Santa in the future to ensure he can get her something she’s wishing for so we can avoid such heartache!



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