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Micah’s 7th Month May 28, 2014

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7 months

This cutie patootie is now 7 months old! Some highlights…

-Intentional rolling- he now rolls over on purpose and towards things. Watch out, world!

sitting up2

-Sitting up on his own

-Lots of firsts: first Easter, trip to the zoo, and helped me celebrate my first Mother’s Day as the mom of two kids.


-Luckily, he is more coordinated with regards to eating solids since we took these pics so he doesn’t need a bath after every feeding! So far, we’ve made sweet potato, squash, peas, carrots, green beans, peaches, pears, and bananas, but I think his favorite is still applesauce.



Hippity Hoppity May 7, 2014

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We enjoyed a beautiful Easter weekend with the Caseys- it was seriously the best weather we’ve had in a long time for this holiday.
The kids of course dyed Easter eggs….


…while this goofball supervised.


Micah also got in some quality bonding time with Jim and Lincoln.


Frank had a long weekend in Atlanta with the baseball team, full of rain delays and other frustrations. He got home at 5am Sunday morning, so he only got a couple of hours of sleep before joining us for church and a yummy ham dinner. But we were grateful to be together to celebrate that blessed day!