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Micah’s 8th Month June 27, 2014

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8 month_2

It’s hard to get pictures of Micah with Hugsby now that he’s rolling all over the place!

8 month
Micah had a pretty eventful 8th month! He started off by getting his first ear infection, which was shortly followed by his second when he developed an infection in his other ear.

8 month_teeth
His first two teeth came in. He is chewing on absolutely everything these days!

He went on his first plane ride en route to his first family vacation, where he got to experience the ocean, beach, and the joy of a Disney theme park for the first time.

His hand/eye coordination is improving; we’re feeding him puffs and now at least 60% of them actually reach his mouth- a drastic improvement from when we started. And now he uses this skill for important tasks like messing with the remote or grabbing at anything within a 12-inch radius while we try to change his diaper.