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Micah’s 9th Month July 21, 2014

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9 month
Micah is changing so much every day! It’s always so amazing to watch them learn new abilities and new things about the world around them.

9 month rolling
The roly poly now weighs 17 lbs 15 oz and is 27.25 inches long.

9 month laughing
Teeth #3 and #4 appeared this month. He’s jabbering a lot- mainly “ra ra ra” and “ba ba ba”, but with the occasional “da da da” and “ma ma ma”. Frank and I are competing to see whose name Micah will say first. He won out last time so I’m determined to get a solid “mama” out first!

Micah is army crawling everywhere!! We are busy these days chasing him down and keeping him out of Mya’s water bowl. The baby gates are now out of storage and we’re teaching Alaina to keep her small toys off the floor.

alaina holding micah
He can also go from sitting up to lying on his belly, and can clap and wave, which his big sister loves getting him to do.


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