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Micah’s 10th Month August 25, 2014

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10 months
Whoa- we’re now in the double digits in number of months old!
pulling up
In his 10th month, Micah started pulling up and doing some “cruising” around the furniture. He quickly became efficient at pulling up and now does so on just about anything that will stand still long enough, including my leg while I try to cook dinner.
Tooth #5 appeared this month and he started using the sign language for “more”.
high chair
He’s eating more finger foods, like Cheerios and small pieces of food. This is how he always sits in his high chair, although often times his feet are all the way on top of the tray. I can already see the note being sent home from school in 8 years: “Micah continually puts his feet on his desk and leans back in his chair”.
He had to switch to formula when the previous supply source started running low and we noticed he wasn’t gaining enough weight (I know- hard to believe with those chubby cheeks!). He did not appreciate the switch, but after a brief hunger strike, has made the transition and is back to adding to his thunder thighs. :)
He loves music and has already developed some good dance moves, like the baby bounce.


Adventure on the High Seas August 24, 2014

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On our last day in California, we went on a dolphin/whale boat tour. With these types of tours, you never know what, if any, marine life you will see. So we left the harbor with high hopes, but figured we could at least enjoy the view.
After about 45 minutes, we came upon a pod of over 200 dolphins! We followed them for about 30 minutes and enjoyed seeing them jump out of the water, dart in front of the boat, etc.

Unfortunately, Alaina started feeling very motion sick and didn’t understand why we couldn’t just go back (when we still had an hour left on the tour!).
But it was still a very cool experience to see dolphins in the wild!

I served as Micah’s sherpa for much of the week. :)
Overall, we had a great trip to California. We especially enjoyed all the time with the Meyers family and the awesome cousin bonding time. We made a lot of special memories that we’ll remember for many years to come!


The Wonderful World of Disney August 23, 2014

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After a few days of recuperating, we were ready to tackle Disneyland.
We hit some of the classic rides, like the Flying Dumbo.
In ToonLand, we got to see Mickey and Minnie and waved at Pluto a few times.

But really, the highlight of the trip was all the princesses! Alaina LOVED meeting them and watching her joy and excitement was just priceless. Uncle Tyson was so nice and waited in line for 2 hours (!!) so the kids could meet Anna and Elsa from “Frozen”.

Anna and Elsa tried to make the experience special for the kids after such a long wait by talking to each of them, braiding the girls’ hair, and joking with Cooper.



Later, Alaina got to meet several of the other princesses while I was off feeding Micah.
snow white

I do know that she enjoyed talking with each princess and even asked Ariel where Prince Eric was- what a clever girl!



We wrapped up the day with a famous Dole Whip and- of course- a parade!


Hopefully, we can go back sometime when Micah is old enough to remember it!


Party Animals August 22, 2014

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The main purpose of our trip to Cali was to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Frank’s maternal grandmother and step-grandfather. Frank got to see a lot of relatives he hasn’t seen in years, many whom I had never met so it was nice to finally put faces to names.

The Murphys and their children that were able to attend:

The Murphys and the grandkids:

The Murphys and the great-grandkids:

The highlight was when Great-Grandma Murphy took the time out of her big day to play balloon catch with Alaina. It will be a sweet memory for Alaina!
balloon toss


Beach Babes

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After an exhausting first two days of traveling and then a theme park, we spent the next two days relaxing, exploring the area, and spending time at the beach. One of the reasons we picked the condo we stayed in was because it was really close to the beach- we just had to walk about a block and then down a bunch of stairs.



Cooper was ready to jump right in, but it took the girls a little bit to brave putting their toes in the water. Then, they discovered their new favorite game- chase the ocean, i.e. try to outrun the waves.



Another great thing about the condo was that they had all the requisite beach gear available for us to use. One afternoon, we schlepped the sand toys, umbrella, boogie board, etc. I somehow managed to prevent Micah from ingesting any sand! And the kids had a lot of fun in the ocean, despite the chilly water.







California Dreamin’ August 18, 2014

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In June, Frank’s grandmother and step-grandfather celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. When we heard they were having a celebration in LA for the big event, we decided to make the trip and turn it into a family vacation.
We rented a condo in Dana Point, along with Frank’s sister and her family. It was a beautiful location- right near the beach, away from a lot of the traffic craziness, but only 30 minutes from some of the destinations we wanted to visit.
And it allowed for lots of cousin bonding time.
We couldn’t go to California without hitting some theme parks. First up- Disney’s California Adventure.
It’s right across from Disneyland and has a lot of Pixar and Disney Junior-related rides and characters.
One of the highlights was the “Disney Junior Live” show- all of Alaina’s favorite Disney Junior shows in puppet form.


It was my first time to a Disney park so it was really cool to just be walking down the street and have a character appear.



It was Alaina’s first time riding amusement park rides. We found that she enjoyed the outside rides, but wasn’t a fan of any rides that involved going into dark places and having unexpected things jump out at her.

Another highlight was the “Aladdin” show- it was as impressive as a Broadway show with great singing and an amazing flying carpet.
The Pixar Play Parade was also amazing and helped rejuvenate Alaina after a long day without a nap.