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Beach Babes August 22, 2014

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After an exhausting first two days of traveling and then a theme park, we spent the next two days relaxing, exploring the area, and spending time at the beach. One of the reasons we picked the condo we stayed in was because it was really close to the beach- we just had to walk about a block and then down a bunch of stairs.



Cooper was ready to jump right in, but it took the girls a little bit to brave putting their toes in the water. Then, they discovered their new favorite game- chase the ocean, i.e. try to outrun the waves.



Another great thing about the condo was that they had all the requisite beach gear available for us to use. One afternoon, we schlepped the sand toys, umbrella, boogie board, etc. I somehow managed to prevent Micah from ingesting any sand! And the kids had a lot of fun in the ocean, despite the chilly water.







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