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Micah’s 10th Month August 25, 2014

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10 months
Whoa- we’re now in the double digits in number of months old!
pulling up
In his 10th month, Micah started pulling up and doing some “cruising” around the furniture. He quickly became efficient at pulling up and now does so on just about anything that will stand still long enough, including my leg while I try to cook dinner.
Tooth #5 appeared this month and he started using the sign language for “more”.
high chair
He’s eating more finger foods, like Cheerios and small pieces of food. This is how he always sits in his high chair, although often times his feet are all the way on top of the tray. I can already see the note being sent home from school in 8 years: “Micah continually puts his feet on his desk and leans back in his chair”.
He had to switch to formula when the previous supply source started running low and we noticed he wasn’t gaining enough weight (I know- hard to believe with those chubby cheeks!). He did not appreciate the switch, but after a brief hunger strike, has made the transition and is back to adding to his thunder thighs. :)
He loves music and has already developed some good dance moves, like the baby bounce.


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