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Micah’s 11th month September 19, 2014

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11 months
This 11-month old refuses to lay still for pictures- he kept either rolling over or hugging Hugsby so this is as good as its going to get! Here are some highlights from Micah’s 11th month…
11 months_2
Tooth #6 arrived this month so now he has 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom.
book on head
He gets into everything!! His new nickname is Samson because he is ridiculously strong for a baby and likes to break things- he’s like a superhero who can’t control his powers yet. So far, he’s broken several door stops, the knob off of a cabinet, and the mobile off of the crib! He also enjoys emptying bookcases of their contents and dumping all of the Duplo blocks all over the living room.
But who can stay angry at this cute face??
pulling up
Micah’s still cruising along the furniture and has stood on his own for a second or two. He can climb the entire flight of stairs, but doesn’t seem to care about the getting down part.
He’s doubled his sign language repertoire by learning the sign for “all done”. But his favorite thing is waving to people. He does it all day long and it has made him the most popular baby at daycare, church and the grocery store since no one can resist his cute little wave.
laying on hugsby
Just recently, he has started to snuggle with stuffed animals by laying on top of them and going “ahhh”. Alaina and I crack up everytime he does it!
playing in pjs
His new favorite activity at home is pulling all of the pajamas out of Alaina’s dresser. He does it almost every night while Alaina gets ready for bed!


One Response to “Micah’s 11th month”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Seriously, who could resist that cute little face?! And how in the world is he almost a year old?!!! Cutie:) Please tell Alaina Happy 4th Birthday from us!! I have been meaning to email….(and will soon!)

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