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‘Til the cows come home September 19, 2014

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Over Labor Day weekend, the kids and I went up to Michigan for a long weekend while my dad was also visiting the Caseys. (Poor Frank was on a trip with the volleyball trip) It was a beautiful weekend so we spent a lot of time outside- playing on the swing set or at the park, going for jogs and walks, and enjoying almost every meal out on the deck.

liz and micah swing

Have you ever heard of Gaga Ball? Me neither until Elizabeth and Connor taught us how to play at this park that has a gaga pit.

ga ga ball

The kids also enjoyed some quality time with Grandpa.

story time with gpa

micah and gpa

The big outing for the weekend was to an area dairy farm. It’s still a family-run operation, but you can see the cows get milked (which just reminded me of the state fair), walk around the barns and see the baby cows, pigs, rabbits, etc., and enjoy some ice cream made from their cows’ milk.

dairy farm

The best part was when Micah got licked by a cow while they were waiting to go into the milking barn! He thought it was hilarious! He was given the nickname “Micah Moo” several months ago back when our friend Angie was babysitting him and it has stuck so it seemed like the cows were accepting him into their tribe. :)

micah cow lick

dairy farm truck


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