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Micah’s 12th month November 4, 2014

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What a whirlwind of a first year!
Micah now weighs 20 pounds 10 ounces (38th percentile) and is 27.75 inches tall (4th percentile). (Sorry, Micah-I don’t have any tall genes to give you!) Tooth #7 arrived on the bottom this month. He’s made the switch from formula to whole milk, from pureed food to finger foods, and from bottles to sippy cups! Sometimes I miss those quiet moments of giving him a bottle, but am enjoying not having to constantly wash bottle parts!
This boy really likes to get into trouble- opening every door and drawer, pulling on cords, etc. He likes to open things that Alaina was never interested in, including trash cans and toilet lids.
I was never sure if there was a true gender difference in toy preference or if it was just due to what types of toys we offer girls versus boys, but this kid has a clear preference for all things ball-related! He loves to roll, throw and chase balls for long periods of time, especially with Alaina.

Micah really loves music and immediately starts “dancing”. He tries to say Alaina (“Nay-nuh”) and Mya (“May-mah”) and has started pointing when he wants you to carry him towards something in particular. Just like when he was an infant, he still really likes to be held.
On the evening before his birthday, as the last bday party guests were leaving, Micah finally took his first steps! Crawling is still his preferred mode of transportation since he’s so darn fast at it, but he’s getting better at walking- going further distances and standing on his own for longer durations.
Happy 1st Birthday, Micah! You have brought a lot of joy and laughter (and chasing!) into our lives during your first year. We can’t wait to see what the next year has in store.


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